The Oral Health 2020 Network Core Values Statement

What We Believe

Because oral health is essential to overall health and wellbeing, the Oral Health 2020 Network is organizing across the country to ensure healthier outcomes for everyone. We are a network of individuals and organizations committed to social justice and health equity.

What We Do

  • Build relationships based on trust, communication, and shared values to improve oral health for all because every person deserves to thrive
  • Connect members and enable them to learn from each other through shared resources, best practices and knowledge
  • Advance oral health in a social justice framework to address disparities and reduce barriers to achieving health equality
  • Promote the national network in order to strengthen our collective impact

Why It Matters

Good oral health is essential to lifelong health and well-being, and oral disease is preventable. Despite the availability of effective prevention and treatment, we have seen little improvement and growing disparities in the nation's oral health status over the past two decades.

Our Vision

Our communities thrive because oral health is valued as essential to well being and equitable opportunities ensure that everyone realizes their full potential.

Our Core Values

  • Diversity - We value the individuality, cultural, socioeconomic and professional backgrounds of network members and the diversity of the populations they Our combined perspectives will affect meaningful change to achieve health equity.
  • Collective Impact - We value and depend on the involvement of network members to make positive oral health Every member of the network brings valuable perspectives, knowledge, and connections that promote achievement of the Oral Health 2020 goals.
  • Collaborative Leadership - We value all individuals, agencies, and organizations with whom we interact. As collaborators, we will successfully carry out our unique missions and achieve our shared vision.
  • Integrity - We value fairness, honesty, impartiality, and diverse perspectives.
  • Transparency - We value open and honest communication where thoughts and beliefs can be freely shared, and trust and understanding are built.